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How To Choose Best Sports Hijab for Exercise and Swimming?

Finding a suitable Sports hijab for Muslim athletes and swimmers can be difficult.  The daily hijab that we wear can be heavy, hot, and cumbersome to wear, making it difficult to move freely during physical activity. Many Muslim women even question their ability to be able to workout while wearing a hijab. However, with the increasing demand for sports hijabs in India, more brands are designing breathable, lightweight, and comfortable options for Muslim women who want to stay active without compromising their faith.

There is absolutely no shortage in finding skinny and body-tight swimsuits and athletic wear, but when it comes to choosing the best material for a workout hijab, there are a few things to consider:

Fast Dry & Breathable:

This keeps you cool and comfortable during your workout. Look for fabrics like polyester or spandex that are moisture-wicking and stretchy, so you can move easily without feeling restricted. These materials will also not make you feel hot while wearing a hijab.

This prevents your suit from becoming heavy or soggy in the water. Look for options that are specifically designed for modest swimming needs and made from materials like nylon or Polyester that can withstand exposure to chlorine and saltwater.

Another critical factor is the design. The ideal workout hijab should be secure and stay in place while you exercise, without sliding off or becoming loose. Many sports hijabs feature an elastic band or adjustable ties to ensure a snug fit, while others have a hooded design that covers the neck and shoulders for added coverage and protection.

After understanding and studying the struggles of an athlete or a swimmer, we at Némah created a wide range of modest athletic wear that will nurture all your needs.

Modest Activewear Collection

India’s first-ever modest activewear for Muslim women was designed and manufactured in India is by Némah. These clothes were designed specifically for the cultural and geographical needs of the women in India.

The perfect modest workout clothing for your gym and exercises that meet the criteria of Muslim women and Islamic clothing with loose fits and long lengths. Our fabric is imported from Vietnam and is UV resistant- which is best for hot weather, Odor-free and extremely lightweight so that you can #FocusOnYou.

Modest Swimwear Collection

If you are searching for the perfect Modest swimwear outfit to wear for swimming as a hijabi then you have come to the right place.  The ultimate modest swimwear that is the perfect Burkini in India, and meets all your needs for swimming. Némahs Burkini is made in India and it caters to Islamic clothing criteria for Muslim women with long length and loose fit t-shirt, loose pants, or leggings and tops it with our burkini scarf.

The fabric is from Vietnam that is UV resistant and dries quickly without leaving any odour and is soft on the skin with chlorine-resistant properties.

Besides burkinis, Némah also offers loose water-resistant pants, one-piece body inners, burkini scarfs, etc to nurture all your modest swimsuits.

In conclusion, finding the best sports hijab for exercise and swimming is about choosing a lightweight, breathable, and secure option (like Nike, Adidas, etc) that suits your needs. With so many brands now offering sports hijabs, plenty of choices are available. Regardless of the options, Némah’s policy to always build clothes on the guidelines of comfort and modesty will help you to stay active and comfortable while maintaining your faith.

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