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5 Must Have Latest Modest Dresses for Every Muslim Women

One of the practical steps that can be taken to do your part in reducing your fashion-carbon footprint is to shop from slow-fashion brands and purchase pieces that can be styled and worn at various occasions.

These pieces are often referred to as “investment pieces” , that is styles that are classics with ever-green silhouettes and good quality fabric so you can wear them for years and help in increasing Earth’s lifespan and also yours on it, because just like fast-trending pieces do not have a long shelf-life , at this speed of clothing compilation, you also may not, hard facts!

Némah is looking to make your wardrobe an example of modest investment clothing. We provide clothes that are made with good quality yarn, carefully spinned into breathable fabrics, smoothly cut into classic silhouettes and tailored into giving you the comfortable fit you deserve. All this effort is delivered to you at reasonable costs so that ‘Har Ghar mein Némah’! (Geddit?)

As someone who tries to practice slow-fashion and has an eye for investment pieces, here are my top 5 modest dresses essentials; (especially for Indian Muslim women who wear the scarf or hijab, and are always looking for comfortable modest dresses )

5. Meraki Cotton Blazer

Research has shown if you wear clothes that represent power, it will actually help in feeling more confident and our modest Blazer is such a Power Piece. Once confined to men’s attire, a blazer is an image of serious business that can be worn in meetings, presentations, interviews and even the airports! Thanks to Pinterest, a cute blazer is the perfect trendy modest outfit and the brown tone offers great styling versatility on all Indian skin tones, finally the cotton based lining is the comfort we all need in layering and looking stylish and modest.

4. White Cotton Cigarette Pants

Did you know that Denim is for the cooler weather and not the humid weather most of India has to offer? Sacrificing style for comfort is so 2005. Today it is all about appreciating local food, local craft and art along with local fabrics and prints. Come embrace the local hot weather, thanks to climate change and the local cotton fiber that will help you avoid sweat patches. Cotton white pants with pockets are the ultimate investment piece and modest dress for Indian Muslim women which gives you style AND comfort, you can wear it under shirts, tunics, kurtis and style in multiple ways! The potential is endless for you to experiment and have fun in comfort.

3. Ukiyo White Shirt

My bias towards white is because there is so much you can do around it, I’m guilty of creating the perfect opaque long white Modest shirt  keeping Islamic clothing criteria in mind for Indian Muslim women that can be styled formally and informally,

The tiniest details have been taken care of with a buckle tie-on to lift the boring white shirt and matching white buttons.

2. Sabr Cotton-lined Dress

Need a modest clothing in India that is made with such premium fabric and tailored for the perfect wow fit? A dress that is made with 100% cotton and lined in cotton to give you the most beautiful silhouette so stylish by itself can be styled with jackets depending on varying temperature and belts for occasions. It does not restrict your movement and has enough flow to make you feel like a princess. This modest dress is the perfect Modest outfit for when you can’t decide what to wear, just style it with some cute Jersey Knit scarves and matching heels or shoes and you are good for the gram! These modest dresses for women are a must for your wardrobe!

1. Wabi-Sabi cotton-lined Tunic

Our Modest tunic is similar to a kurti with a more modern silhouette that can be worn in a modern and traditional way as well. Made with 100% cotton schiffli style it has a a-line cut that makes it universal on all body types with fabric buttons that lift its elegance up a notch. Nemah’s Modest tunic is a wardrobe staple that will be the perfect office outfit for Muslim women by pairing it with our Modest bottom wear white pants or a mall outing with jeans or a family dinner with flare pants!

Wabi-Sabi Schiffli Fully-Lined Tunic

All Nemah modest dresses for Muslim women are made with great research and multiple samples to provide the ultimate investment pieces tailored to complete your modest Wardrobe. We are doing our bit to encourage and promote slow fashion without compromising on style or spirituality, are you ready to do yours?

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