Just Keep Swimming!

To swim with ease is an absolute comfort, to move your body in sync like a fish- smooth continuous movements in the deep blue sea, the musical waves surround you whilst a serene fluffy cloud passes by completing the ultimate painting. You spot a colorful fish you follow only to lose it because you had to stop and adjust your swim pants and swim top that kept sliding up! Uff, only if the perfect burkini did exist >.<

Well, just google “Némah Burkini”.

Gone are those days when finding ready to wear, modest clothes that go perfectly with your Hijab was a struggle. From fashionable abayas and classy chiffon hijabs to now – modest activewear for the gym and beautiful burkinis, modest fashion has come a long way.

If you have ever tried looking for burkinis in India, chances are, you found none. Nèmah was created through my struggle shared by many others, to find swimwear that suited my lifestyle. We made the ultimate perfect burkini set with abundant love, premium polyamide and enough elastane content to help your body move with modesty.

First let us dive into (pun intended) what is a burkini? A burkini is a word coined by joining “burkha” and “bikini”, aka modest swimwear majorly worn by muslim women all over the world. It usually consists of a long length top, pants and a scarf or cap to cover the hair + neck. A burkini is similar to a scuba suit only looser. It has been a long learning journey for me, from struggling to find a trendy burkini to manufacturing them.

When I was a teenager, we did not have modest swimsuits available in India so we would layer and mismatch workout leggings + t-shirts from the men’s section to create our own comfortable, modest swimwear. Did that DIY hijab friendly outfit look cute? I leave it for you to imagine..

Thanks to representation and globalisation, growing acceptance of the hijab, there is now a Burkini market that is catering to the very demand in various prints, colours and designs.

However, finding modest gym clothes or modest swimwear in India is not as easy as it is everywhere else. We are changing this, one stylish burkini at a time.

Némah appreciates that every woman is different and has her own sense of individuality. Just because one chooses to wear a hijab or an abaya or any form of modest wear, doesn’t mean she wants to compromise on looking and feeling her absolute best.

The Kai and Marmaris Burkini from Némah speak for that female empowerment with UV protection and sturdy fabric. We have a breast-feeding friendly design (yes, we care about the details), choice of scarf that does not make you look like an egg (a literal request from our client), colour or black and style of pants.

To provide extra protection we have our One-Piece Inner  made to replace your lingerie needs and cover the sneak-peek your waist gives when the top slides up so you can #SwimAwayYourFear. (like we said..we care about the details..)

Warm Winds, Salty Smell and your new modest swimwear! Dive Deep with Némah, literally and in all your life accomplishments. Radiate self-love, Radiate in Némah <3

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