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5 Essential Things Muslim Women Should Take On Their Honeymoon

Honeymoon trip packing is not easy when you want to make sure that you have all the things necessary to enjoy your trip but also do not want to carry half your wardrobe around with you. You need a guide to ease your comfort on what to take on your halal honeymoon.
And to ease this struggle, we have got you a list of the top 5 essentials to pack for your honeymoon, include modest dresses suggestion.

1. Lightweight and comfortable scarfs:

For a hijabi, head scarves are something that we pack even before we pack our passports and other basic essentials, which is why it is necessary to plan and decide which of your scarves you should carry with you.

Wearing a hijab in hot weather can be a challenge. You should also consider investing in some of the many different fabrics available for hijabs-you might want to pick up an all-purpose cotton one for everyday wear or try out something else entirely! The best part about these options is that they come in so many different colors and styles: check out our Modest Hijab collection for a variety of modest hijabs with a variety of fabrics and colors. Make sure it fits nicely around your head and is slip resistant for a hassle-free day!

2. Breezy dresses:

If you choose your honeymoon destination to be a tropical city with warm or hot weather like Maldives for your honeymoon destination, it is best to avoid layering your clothing items, therefore carrying light and breezy dresses which make you feel not only cool during those hot days but also make you look stylish is a must.

Clothing items like cotton dresses, long one-piece, etc are perfect for your days!

  1. Sun Protection:

You don’t want to go on your honeymoon and come back with a tan. And to avoid that you must carry all the necessary requirements to protect yourself from the sun’s rays. Whether it is a bottle of your favourite SPF or a hat/ cap, make sure to always carry them in your bag.

And if you are planning a swim on your honeymoon, you can check out our modest burkini that comes in UV-resistant technology to protect you from sun rays. You should definitely consider investing in a modest swimsuit and other items to protect you from the sun is also important to avoid feeling dizzy and lethargic on your trip.

4. Burkini:

A burkini usually consists of 2 pieces of clothing, straight-legged pants and a long sleeve loose t-shirt that is tied with the pants to make sure the upper part does not float. It also comes along with a swim cap that covers the neck and accommodates the wearer’s hair.

Burkinis are modest swimsuits used in water-related activities like swimming, snorkeling, etc. or even just strolling on the beach and you don’t need to go far away in search of a good modest swimsuit, cause we at Nemah make sure that our lightweight and modest burkini gives you the ultimate experience with your water activities with odor resistance and UV protection.

5. Hassle-free accessories:

While on a honeymoon, you definitely don’t want to be distracted by your hijab slipping away from your head or not fitting well. Hence to assure that you have a worry-free trip, accessories like magnetic hijab pins and burkini scarf caps are crucial to carry. The Nemah’s magnetic pins are a game changer in having fuss-free comfortable scarfs!


Going on a honeymoon is more about having fun and getting to know your partner, therefore with this list above, you can make sure to pack the necessary things to have the perfect trip with your partner and not worry about missing out and focus on growing together.

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