Modest Fashion

The 3 W’s of Némah’s journey

Our Story

It is 6:30 am, and a very sleepy me is looking for an outfit to wear at college. My options are to layer a shirt and a shrug because the shirt is short in length and there are limited options to look chic and modest. I end up wearing an unironed kurti as I am late for a 7:00 am lecture and it's the only clothing in my wardrobe that can help me sustain the humid Mumbai weather yet look modest and borderline trendy.

I find my matching hijab that is sadly in a thick fabric but I cannot get myself to not wear a matching scarf. So I leave, scrolling on Instagram on my way in the auto-rickshaw looking at trendy modest pieces available with brands such as Aab, Modanisa and Inayah wondering why we can't get them in India. It would make my college life so much easier IF I just had a long cotton t-shirt to wear for my morning lectures that did not require any ironing or layering and was the ultimate fashion comfort.

The Problem

This resonates with thousands of young women across the country today. The struggle to find fashionable modest outfits is VERY REAL.

Why can’t we find cute long tops and dresses without slits and pants that are of a normal length and gym clothes that are functional and also look good and the list goes on and on and on..

That thought grew with my growing struggle in my Masters education but I still didn't find a solution. Here and there, a few brands saw this market gap and started releasing modest fashion fits in India, but they still were not the best. Materials that were not suitable for the Indian weather, fabric quality issues and styles that were just.. not stylish. Hence, my struggle continued.

The Solution

Modest fashion is not just abayas and hijabs, it is a whole world of fashion in itself. Countries like Turkey, Iran and UAE are at the pinnacle of giving the modest dresser everything that she desires, be it burkinis to swim in or hijab friendly activewear for workouts, evening gowns perfect for occasions to fully lined dresses and stylish tunics. The options, the designs, the styles are endless.

Having witnessed this firsthand, I wanted young women across my country to have a similar shopping experience. The world came to a halt in March 2020 with a global lockdown and my mind ran in the free mental space to build and form Némah (arabic – blessings). The name is a combination of my full name Nidah Fatema and has the most beautiful meaning that sits right to what we want to do for young Muslim women searching for the perfect modest fashion clothing in India.

About the founder- Nidah Merchant

We at Némah consider fabric, designs, costs, environment and most importantly your mental comfort to feel the best in what you wear irrespective of how or why you wear what you wear.

Modest Fashion essentially means clothing that is of a higher neckline, full sleeves, mid-thigh length and loose silhouettes. Once associated as conservative religious clothing mostly among muslims, jews and christians, it is now all about choice.

Némah loves that it provides this choice to women who want to embrace modest fashion and fight against stereotypical norms of what is stylish and fashionable.

It is our dream and long-term goal to be India’s first and only destination of all things modest, a brand that helps women radiate and feel their best in every walk of life, from modest activewear, modest dresses and t-shirts to modest swimwear aka burkini: a one-stop shop for all your modest fashion needs.

And we grow on this journey with the support and duas of our wonderful community that helps us help them provide India’s best modest fashion clothing: today, tomorrow and always! <3

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